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Conversacion En el restaurante en ingles

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22/06/10 13:51 hs
1 Conversacion En el restaurante en ingles
Conversacion En el restaurante en ingles


Waiter: Hello.
Client: Hello.
Waiter: May I serve you?
Client: Yes, thank you. We would like to order two meals, please.
Client's son: I want to eat fish and chips.
Client: And I will eat a piece of pie.
Waiter: What would you like to drink?
Client: An orange juice for my son and a red wine for me.
Waiter: Will you eat any dessert?
Client: Yes, bring us a strawberry ice cream and a rice pudding, please.
Waiter: All right, would you like something else?
Client: Yes, please. Where is the bathroom?
Waiter: At the end of the hallway.
Client: Thank you.

waiter camarero o mesero
serve servir
eat comer
lunch almuerzo
fish and chips pescado y patatas fritas (plato típico inglés).
piece porción
pie pastel inglés, normalmente relleno de carne.
drink beber
orange juice jugo de naranja
red wine vino tinto
dessert postre
strawberry ice cream helado de fresas
rice pudding arroz con leche
dish plato
silverware cubiertos
order pedir
meal comida/plato
bathroom cuarto de baño
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